GPMVZ1001 Real Marble Absorbent Coasters for Drinks

Real Marble Absorbent Coasters which have distinct colors and veining.


Unlike faux ceramic and leather coasters, these marble coasters have distinct colors and veining that vary from one piece to the next, so we can truly say that each set of our drink coasters is one of a kind. Our marble drink coasters are mildly absorbent to prevent small drips and condensation from damaging household surfaces. A soft backing completely covers the underside and offers further protection against scratches. Our round coasters are 4 inches wide, leaving plenty of room around the base of your drink for excess drips to collect. The large size of these marble coasters for drinks also means they can accommodate a variety of glasses, cups, and mugs. Our luxuriously heavy marble coasters are 3/8 inches thick, so they will not stick to the bottom of your glass.